Digital Water Solutions

To aid our clients manage their water resources, assist them in making informed decisions or show them the impact of events or actions. We build digital products that visualize, calculate and predict water processes and events.

Both in the form of our own Synapps platform, or with complete custom software applications, we digitally go where our clients need us.

Synapps Platform

With the Synapps platform we offer a easy web based solution to our clients, to visualize their data and resources. Map info, historical datasets, real time calculations & predictions, dynamic reports, and more are all just a few clicks away in Synapps.

Software Solutions

Some problems require specific solutions, we develop and maintain specialized software solutions for customers. Within Digital Water Solutions, IMDC’s expertise in water is combined with software engineering to build modern, specialized applications, designed to fit your needs.

The Extreme value tool, a Matlab® software package developed by IMDC, is a user-friendly statistical tool which helps users analyze hydrological events for planning and designing of projects. Based on historical timeseries data, the tool can be used to perform various tasks including extreme value analysis, dependent stratification, copula - a multivariate distribution function and generation of synthetic events for wave storms, winds, and discharge. This graphical user interface tool is easy to use and is equipped with a step by step manual.

Data Science & Machine Learning

When the data gets big, the analysis gets bigger. We offer advanced data analysis and insights. Multi- variate analysis, extreme-value analysis, probabilistic design and machine learning are some of the specialized forms of data analysis we bring to the table. All this combined with a deep understanding of the digital tools, the statistical theories and the water domain expertise gives a unique mix to gather the best insight you can get for your data. Data visualization is an important step in understanding the nature of datasets as well as to efficiently communicate with policy makers and stakeholders. Using in house developed tools we produce elaborated and self-explanatory graphs to help our clients make an informed data-driven decision. 

Decision Support Systems

To facilitate water management, we build decision support systems that can help visualize resources and problems, run forecasts, sending out early warnings and alerts. These systems use models, data platforms and algorithms to gain insight into complex processes and aim to support taking the most optimal decisions and actions in the field. 

Where and to what extent floods can be expected in the coming days and how can the risk be minimized? What will the water quality at your beach be like for the rest of the day? What would be the impact downstream when increasing hydropower generation? How can we optimise offshore workschedules with respect to upcoming weather and wave conditions? How can we reduce ecological impact of our dredging activity? 

These are typical questions our customers are faced with and for which we offer solutions.

Forecasting applications