Monitoring is a crucial aspect to improve the understanding of the natural water environment and related processes. Availability of sufficient high quality data sets is a key element to solve our client’s questions. Therefore, IMDC offers versatile monitoring services and consultancy, assisting clients with any of their water-related monitoring needs.

Meteorological and Oceanographical (MetOcean) surveys

Any marine/estuarine infrastructure or renewable energy project requires long or short-term MetOcean monitoring. IMDC can provide long-term measurements of waves, currents and wind by means of stationary buoys or seabed frames, adding extra sensors to record any additional parameter (i.e. turbidity, water quality, etc.). To monitor phenomena on a shorter timescale (i.e. complete tide cycle) mobile measurement campaigns are being set up. This survey service complements our broad range of MetOcean services: desk studies, numerical modelling, hind- and forecasting systems, data management and data analysis.


To evaluate effects of marine works or infrastructure on the hydrodynamic or morphologic system IMDC has an extensive range of instruments available for spatial and temporal mapping of effects associated with sediments, water temperature and salinity. Measurement campaigns could aim for:

  • Scour effects around wind turbine foundations; 
  • Sediment influx and thermal dispersion at an inlet or outfall; 
  • Density currents due to lock operation or construction of a tidal dock; 
  • Following-up the consolidation or in-situ density of bed sediments during infrastructure works. 

The environmental impact by dredging works due to sediment plumes is monitored by IMDC by means specific measurement protocols and specialised measurement equipment (i.e. ADCP and SiltProfiler). This leads to effective mitigation measures and provides tools for environmental follow-up during ongoing dredging activities.

Meteo-hydrological monitoring

Sustainable river basis management requires an integrated approach, based on a broad hydrologic and hydrodynamic expertise. IMDC offers a wide range of related services, including detailed river modelling, real-time flood forecasting, potential flood area mapping, floodrisk analysis and floodrisk management. These services are based on field measurements as provided by IMDC: surface- and groundwater levels, water discharge, precipitation and sediment transport.

Environmental monitoring

Good water quality is a requirement for the conservation of wetland, river ecosystems and human health. IMDC’s environmental monitoring campaigns allow to follow-up and gain insight in water quality evolution, by monitoring parameters like turbidity, ammonia, nitrate, e. coli bacteria, dissolved oxygen, etc. 

Smart Monitoring

Our rapidly changing digital world with new network technologies and availability of numerous interconnected low-cost sensors, creates new opportunities for the monitoring of our natural waters. A close follow-up of this evolving market allows IMDC to offer smart sensor network or drone-based measurement solutions, tailored to our client’s needs. To support the data acquisition, IMDC owns an in-house developed data platform SYNAPPS , for data visualization and user access, independent of transmission technique or sensor manufacturer.

Monitoring consultancy services

IMDC is able to support its clients with its extensive expertise in marine monitoring, which can be applied for port & marine infrastructure, offshore wind, floating renewables, marine aquaculture, navigation, etc. Offered services include: identification of critical monitoring parameters, compilation of terms of references, elaboration of monitoring plans and measurement solutions, to ensure project objectives are being achieved.