Blue Energy

Blue energy is abundant, geographically diverse and renewable. Based on our extensive know how of waves, currents and subsoil in the open sea IMDC assists state authorities, project developers and contractors in realisation of complex offshore wind, offshore substations, submarine cables and wave energy projects.

Offshore Wind Site Investigation 

Having comprehensive understanding of the site and ground conditions is key to the success of any project. IMDC offers full support to deliver consents and EIA, assess metocean conditions, prepare and follow up on geophysical and geotechnical surveys, estimate seabed mobility, energy yield, define exclusion zones and optimise offshore wind farm layouts. Collected wind, wave and currents data is processed to characterise the environmental conditions at the site. We use digital tools and sophisticated modelling to reduce cost of data acquisition in order to prepare a design basis and help to de-risk complex and technically challenging projects.

Owner's Engineering Services

Having a trusted owner's engineer will make your project less risky, bankable and delivered to the best industry practices. IMDC has a proven track record in de-risking and supporting offshore wind projects, from the concept design through construction and O&M. We provide tailor made solutions and support the project owner in procurement and contract management. IMDC provides support in writing tender specifications, bid evaluation and negotiations, energy yield assessments, project management, design review, site monitoring during transport and construction activities.

Submarine Power Cable Installation & Protection

Large interconnectors, export and inter-array cables are exposed to a hostile, high-risk environment during both installation and a wind farm’s operational life. To accurately assess the impact of maritime activities on cable faults all risks should be expected and accounted for. IMDC mitigates the risk of cable failure by providing cable burial risk assessment, cable routing and bottom stability installation studies. We offer dredging consultancy that helps to drive the cost down and optimise pre-sweeping, trenching and backfilling operations.  

Foundation Scour Protection

IMDC is strongly engaged in research and development initiatives related to scour protection for offshore foundations. Our practical experience and R&D on scour protection Hydralab+ has given us unique competitive edge to deliver both static and dynamic scour protection solutions. Our eco-friendly design of scour protection enhances ecological functioning in offshore wind farms. We assist with lab testing supervision, develop innovative concept and detailed design solutions, write tender specifications, perform evaluation of proposals by contractors, estimate WDT and supervise installation processes to keep a project within budget and schedule.

For more information please see our capability statements Offshore Wind and Subsea Cables & Pipelines.