Blue energy (offshore wind, wave and tidal) is abundant, geographically diverse and renewable. Taking advantage of our oceans and seas, the international community is forging ahead with the clean energy transition. The governments, project developers and investment community have a strong role to play in driving this transition but in a complex environment which carries significant business and nature related risks. 

As a variable source of energy located away from existing electricity systems, blue energy needs to deliver on the challenge of integrating large volumes of energy generation into smart energy systems. Therefore offshore substations, Inter-Array cables and subsea interconnectors allow increasing grid integration are important elements of the offshore infrastructure solutions. 

We use science, data and new technologies to reduce the risk exposure of our clients in both blue energy and interconnectors markets. Installation of subsea cables in a cost effective manner is essential for the wind farm developments. In order to reduce potential of subsea cables damage, reduce installation costs and time IMDC has developed COBRA which provides for effective Cable Burial Risk Assessment. 

Without credible analysis of soil and sea conditions in the designated project area it is impossible to design effective energy solutions. Moreover, for the blue energy to be sustainable, its environmental impacts must be well assessed and mitigated. 

To drive innovation of the emerging technologies, IMDC works with reputable international partners to realise SE@PORTS project. We have identified the most promising WEC technologies available for integration in port infrastructure, including the overtopping devices and flexible membranes. Pushing the technology boundaries we offer an essential guidance, technical advice and modelling tools that bring together blue energy and port infrastructure. 

Having reliable data, IMDC develops engineering studies which will feed the design phase of the project as interpretation of geophysical and geotechnical reports (including 3D ground model), waves, wind and current numerical modelling, seabed morphology and morphodynamic studies. 

IMDC has developed the Synapps platform with new applications for blue energy projects including GO/NOGO to assess weather downtime and DOME to integrate and visualise data in order to make the informed decisions.