Rentel Offshore Wind Farm

IMDC assisted in the development of the Rentel offshore wind farm to deliver green, clean and safe energy to 300.000 households annually. 

In 2014-15, IMDC provided engineering services and supported development of the offshore wind farm Rentel which has the capacity of 309 MW. The offshore wind farm is located approximately 32km away from the Belgian coast. It is situated northwest of the Thornton bank and southeast of the Lodewijk bank. 

Our initial services related to the optimisation of the WTG-positions, by analysing the morphodynamics of the seabed in the project area, but also in refining the Design Basis, including geotechnical, hydrodynamic and morphodynamic site conditions. Aside this IMDC performed analysis and design services related to the scour protection approach for both the WTG foundations and the OHVS foundations.

In 2016, IMDC assisted Tideway to design and install the inter-array. We provided Cable Burial Risk Assessment (CBRA), a Burial Tool Assessment (BTA), the interpretation of geotechnical data and a preliminary operation and maintenance (O&M) plan. 

On a separate contract in 2017, IMDC supported ABB – NKT on installation of the export cable for this wind farm. We prepared CBRA on the export cable in order to identify natural (seabed morphodynamics and mobiles sand dunes) and anthropogenic (marine traffic and accidental anchor drop) hazards. 

Both CBRA studies allowed to define the recommended burial depths for the cable and to engineer mitigating measures to prevent the cable to become exposed during the project lifetime (e.g. pre-sweeping of sand dunes). IMDC has also provided marine consultancy in support of the preparation works for the installation of the Rentel OWF export cable and for the follow-up and supervision. 

We are proud that with our assistance Rentel offshore wind farm will deliver green, clean and safe energy to some 300.000 households annually. 


  • Client: Rentel
  • Start date: 2014
  • Completion date: 2015