IMDC constantly strives to stay ahead of the pack by innovating our approaches and processes continuously, instigating the creative spirit of our people, and pioneering, together with our clients, to overcome challenges.

4 areas of expertise are being targeted to accelerate our competences: Hydro-Informatics & Data Science, Nature Based Solutions and Offshore Renewable Energy Challenges.

  • Hydro-Informatics: We develop online web services with open source technology and standards so we can serve our customers in real-time, online with the most recent information using the latest technology. Our Synapps architecture and micro-services approach allow for quick setup of tailor-made apps and tools, from dynamic reports, calculation apps and online data viewers to complex forecasting and decision support systems like Ecopam
  • Data Science: Pushing the boundaries of data science, IMDC has a strong track record in Statistics and Risk Studies. We are excited to develop Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions as we feel comfortable using big datasets and all information that can be extracted from them. 
  • Nature Based Solutions: Where ecology meets engineering. Building with Nature and Ecosystem Services are part of our portfolio. Nature is the largest and longest running R&D lab for the past few billions of years, so we look for solutions based on natural concepts rather than anthropogenic concepts. From rehabilitation of floodplains, Room for the River management to coastal management for Climate Resilient Coast, IMDC keeps looking to find holistic, ecosystem based approaches and gets awarded for doing so. 
  • Offshore Renewables: The offshore renewable energy market is innovation-driven and combines a challenging environment with a cost-driven industry. IMDC is part of the Offshore Energy Cluster in Flanders, and has challenged standards with regards to cable burial depth definitions and scour protection designs for monopile wind turbine foundations. Our third European project with a consortium of European research institutes, Se@Ports, deals with a feasibility study for small Wave Energy Convertors in port infrastructure. 


We have been a part of Research Consortia creating a Coastal Risk Toolbox, RISC KIT, MICORE, exploring scour protection design around monopiles in Hydralab and Marinet. We have performed Remote Sensing Projects for detection of turbidity with satellite imagery, drone-based images and airborne sensors together with VITO Remote Sensing Unit for the past 15 years. We are active in multiple Specialist Committees, Innovation Clusters and professional organisations like CEDA, PIANC, ICE, Blue Cluster, IBN-OE & OWI LAB. Several staff members are teaching at university or specialist academies. We have challenged standards in geotechnical design of Breakwaters, have multiple PhD students and doctors in our company exploring new progress, e.g. in employing CFD modelling studying dynamic dredge plume behaviour. Both efforts have won awards in Tractebel or at CEDA, PIANC level. .

We aim to support innovation company-wide through internal and joint research and innovative commercial projects that are supported by our management as one of the key features of our company strategy.