IMDC's MyRacewind app

MyRacewind is a breakthrough app that gives crucial information regarding wind conditions during cycling races. It alerts riders for echelon risk from crosswinds as well as the location and strength of head and tailwinds.

The app ( has become a trusted forecasting solution for world-class cycling teams and race organisers. MyRacewind is developed by a team of engineers and data scientists from IMDC in collaboration with a team of external cycling experts.


Accessible maps to win 

Wind conditions can be crucial to determining victory during professional road cycling. MyRacewind creates a real-time map with hourly information regarding the key wind conditions along the race course. It runs on multiple devices (pc, tablet and smartphone) and multiple platforms (iOS and Android) giving insights for riders, teams, race organisers and media.

Mapping the echelon risk 

MyRacewind produces a real-time map that gives a clear overview of the echelon risk (induced by crosswinds) during the race. In this way riders and team managers are well prepared. The app only requires a GPX race file as input and is based on an algorithm that constantly evaluates four parameters along the course with great precision: 

  • Wind speed 
  • Wind direction 
  • Slope 
  • Landscape (open or closed)

Mapping the head- and tailwinds 

Beside the echelon risk there is also an overview of the head- and tailwind sections during the race. Red colors on the map indicate headwinds, while blue colors represent tailwinds. The darker the color, the more head- or tailwind is predicted.

Forecasts at your speed 

MyRacewind uses real-time wind forecasts that can predict conditions up to 14 days ahead of a race, so race preparations and speculations can start early upfront. Races can be followed hour by hour using the built-in time slider. With the geolocation option, team managers can position themselves along the track for smart coordination with their riders. 


The app is used by professional cycling teams, race organisers, media and cycling broadcasters. Team managers use the app for the race briefing upfront and also during the race to give riders instructions through real-time radio communication. Cycling analysts use it during race previews and analysis in the media (articles, twitter, podcasts,...). TV commentators use it while analysing the live race coverage.


“Wind becomes a cyclists ally, never be surprised again by echelon formation with the ‘MyRacewind’ app”
 --- Belgian Cycling --- 

"MyRacewind is an algorithm based on the course and elevation profile, the environment (buildings), the wind direction and the wind speed," says Griet Langedock, responsible for technical innovation within the organisation. "This way, the app can predict on each segment whether or not echelons can and - even with some certainty - will be formed: a handy and fun tool that will be tested on Wednesday and Thursday by Sporza commentators Karl Vannieuwkerke and Ruben Van Gucht."
--- Griet Langedock, race organiser Brugge - De Panne (UCI WorldTour race) ---


For more information, please send an email to:


  • Client: Belgian Cycling and several professional cycling teams
  • Start date: 2021
  • Completion date: ongoing