Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence @IMDC

IMDC has profound experience in applying machine learning and data science techniques and wishes to help its clients get the most value out of their data. AI and machine learning techniques are an answer to the ever growing amount of data by handling them faster, with a lower cost, and getting more value out of it.  Therefore, IMDC is continuously looking for new challenges where it can apply its knowledge of machine learning, AI, data science, and the water system.

IMDC has several years of experience in advanced techniques for data analysis and data processing to source the most value out of your data. In addition, IMDC has experience with replacing or supplementing traditional modelling approaches by machine learning and/or AI techniques to improve predictions, get more out of the available data, or increase processing speed. 

By combining their deep understanding of the physics behind water systems with a strong mathematical background and knowledge of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, IMDC’s engineers can get more value out of your data. 

In the past, IMDC has successfully applied machine learning techniques to predict beach erosion, wave propagation, and river discharge. Within these projects, traditional mathematical models were either completely replaced or supplemented with machine learning models to improve the accuracy of the final predictions. 

Advanced data mining techniques were already applied to efficiently screen large data sets of in situ nitrate samples with the aim to assess water quality of the rivers of Flanders. Also big data sets of ground water levels were already successfully analysed using innovative data mining techniques to assess the trends in water availability across Belgium. 

Neural network for water level predictions
Trends in groundwater
Explanatory analysis of specially distributed nitrate concentration
Multivariate relation of suspended sediment and driving variables


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