Naqia projects: hydrologic and hydraulic study of subcatchments in the Hainaut Province

With the Naqia program, Hainaut Ingénierie Technique (HIT) plans to improve flood management on the different subcatchments of the Hainaut Province. IMDC worked on several of these projects: Dendre Occidentale, Templeuve, Estinnes, Haine and Princesse.

The Naqia program undertaken by Hainaut Ingénierie Technique (HIT) follows different steps, starting with an overview of the studied subcatchments, and ultimately leading to building infrastructure to improve flood management. 

For each of the different Naqia projects undertaken by IMDC, focus was given on hydrological and hydraulic modelling of the studied subcatchments. 

For each project, after gathering elements needed for a good overview and understanding of the studied subcatchment, an Infoworks ICM model was built. This model includes the studied subcatchment’s rivers and tributaries as well as the different existing hydraulic structures along the streams. 

The models were then used to determine zones sensitive to flooding hazard and to generate flood maps for different return periods of extreme rainfall. 

Finally, early designs of works to undertake on the subcatchments were presented to reduce flooding risks in critical locations. The influence of these structures was evaluated using the Infoworks ICM models.

The Dendre Occidentale, Templeuve, Estinnes, Haine and Princesse subcatchments were studied.

Example of a flood map generated for the Templeuve subcatchment

Overview of the ICM model build for the Dendre Occidentale subcatchment
Computed discharges along a tributary of the Estinnes river before (green) and after implementation (blue) of a storm basin (pre-design stage)


  • Client: HIT Hainaut Ingénierie Technique
  • Start date: 2018
  • Completion date: ongoing