Extension of Port of Calais

The Nord Pas de Calais Regional Council, owner of the Port of Calais, launched the CALAIS PORT 2015 development scheme, intending to increase the capacity of the port with the creation of a new sea dock north of the existing port facilities, including a 3.3 km breakwater, and is fully compliant with the environmental requirements of the site.

IMDC carried out studies about morphological impact, stability and possible environmental impact of construction of the new port development. IMDC helped to develop an integrated and flexible solution.

The main tasks for IMDC in relation to this new infrastructure were: 

  • Interpretation of all relevant offshore geotechnical aspects.
  • Selection of the best equipment and methods for dredging and reclamation works, with special attention to the environmental impact of all of these dredging operations and mitigation measures. 
  • UXO and wreck removal: investigation necessary, interpretation, applicable legislation and regulation, risk analysis and procedures to deal with these issues.
  • Optimization of procurement of all construction materials for the new breakwater and all related environmental aspects. 
  • Cost estimates for the above.


  • Client: Conseil Régional Nord-Pas de Calais
  • Start: 2011
  • Completion: 2014