TUAS Terminal F2 Scour Protection Design

The Tuas Terminal Project consists of land reclamation of a new platform for the future container terminal, construction of a caisson quay wall and dredging of adjacent basins and fairway. IMDC was responsible for the design of an innovative rockless scour protection with a length of 8,6 km and a width of 47 m designed for vessels with an UKC (Under Keel Clearance) of 21 m.

IMDC undertook the following work: 

  • Development of the basis of design
  • Development of the preliminary hydraulic design of the innovative rockless scour protection
  • Determination of the manoeuvring cases on which the detailed design is based
  • Analytical determination of flow fields under main propeller and bow thruster propeller wash and analytical detailed design of scour protection based on PIANC guidelines
  • CFD and physical modelling
  • Assessment of permeability conditions of the foundation layer, uplift pressures and efficiency of the vents and joints of the slabs
  • Preparation of documents and drawings for construction. 

The use of soil improvement techniques will allow the dredged materials from the deepening of basins and nearby fairway, as well as excavated earth obtained from other land construction projects, to be reused as reclamation fill materials for the project. Reusing such materials, which would otherwise be disposed of, reduces the quantity of sand fill required for reclamation, resulting in fill material cost savings of some S$1 billion.


  • Client: DEME DAELIM JV
  • Start: 2015
  • Completion: 2017