Nord Stream 2

The project Nord Stream 2 will connect the Russian and German Baltic Sea coasts with two new pipelines, parallel to the existing Nord Stream 1 pipelines. As part of this project, the company Nord Stream 2 AG contracted IMDC for performing engineering and dredging consultancy services.

IMDC has provided the following engineering and dredging consultancy services: 

  • Interpretation of geophysical and geotechnical survey data 
  • Calculation of underwater slope stabilities 
  • Evaluation of the trench backfill material sedimentation and the pipeline flotation analysis during installation 
  • Evaluation of wave-induced liquefaction of the trench backfill material 
  • Production of dredging equipment, losses during dredging, dumping and backfilling 
  • Environmental soil quality assessment of the borrow area

Correlation of geophysical and geotechnical interpreted data


  • Client: Nord Stream 2 AG
  • Start date: 2016 
  • Completion date: 2017