ECOSPACE service tool - Monitoring from Space for Critical Infrastructure

Earth observation is very well suited for monitoring critical infrastructure – especially, in offshore and coastal areas given that the areas to be covered are large and not easily observable by other means. In order to assist our clients in protecting critical infrastructure IMDC with VITO are developing an online tool – MoSCI-ECOSPACE – which is a suite of web-based subscription services with capacity to store and process Earth Observation and airborne observation (i.e. drones, LIDAR) datasets - spanning over a wide range of spatial and temporal resolutions – and to deliver meaningful information for overseeing and managing risks to critical infrastructure.

With MoSCI IMDC offers an online monitoring and early warning system to deliver an effective planning and mitigation solution to manage risks in coastal and riverine settlements. Instead of traditional expensive data collection on vertical ‘subsidence module’ and horizontal ‘topography module’ displacements MoSCI combines datasets from spaceborne and airborne technologies with machine learning and data analytics. 

MoSCI-ECOSPACE suite of services create value to customers by: 

  1. Integrating earth and airborne observation datasets – spanning over a range of spatial and temporal resolutions – into a centralised web-based tool 
  2. Using standardised protocols for data storage, extraction, processing, analysis and (raw) data quality controlling 
  3. Translating datasets into meaningful information for overseeing and managing risks to critical infrastructure in coastal and riverine settlements

MoSCI added value: 

  • Easy to use and economically advantageous compared to many of the current options
  • Reduced time-lag between data acquisition and post-processing
  • Access to automated post-processing, standard protocols for data storing, extracting, processing and (raw) data quality controlling, quick-scan (high-level assessment) of flood and erosion risks
  • Capacity to be integrated with existing monitoring systems
  • Continuous monitoring, early warning and quick damage assessment integrated into one system 

Incentive to purchase the suite of services within MoSCI-ECOSPACE is the fast and remote access to meaningful and accurate information in the areas of interest, which is the fundamental advantage earth observation holds.


  • R&D partners: IMDC (lead partner), VITO
  • Support: European Space Agency
  • Start date: 2020
  • Completion date: 2022