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In recent weeks, we have seen an increase in COVID-19 cases all over Europe. These have made travelling increasingly difficult, due to travel restrictions and quarantine obligations for travellers from various governments. Because of this, the TELEMAC consortium and the local organizing committee of the TUC have taken the decision to postpone the TELEMAC USER CONFERENCE in Antwerp to October 2021. We are currently looking for the exact date and will communicate you this as soon as this is determined. 

Finally, even though TELEMAC USER CONFERENCE is postponed, we feel the need to keep in contact with the TELEMAC community. Therefore, we will organize an online TELEMAC gathering, which will take place in the afternoon of Thursday October 15th 2020. We are currently determining the exact format and program of this online gathering and will inform you in due time. 

On behalf of the local organizing committee 

Alexander Breugem 

All the information can be found on the website: