New Lock Terneuzen Turbidity Assessment

Assistance is given for the construction of the new lock complex in the harbour of Terneuzen. One of the aspects is the simulation of the environmental impact of the relocation in the Western Scheldt of excavated material.

Different model threedimensional simulations were performed using TELEMAC, in order to study the plumes generated by the disposal of relocated sediment. 

For the simulations, a model was used that consisted of the Belgian Coast, the Western Scheldt and the Lower Sea Scheldt. The model resolution was increased in the area of Terneuzen. The simulations that were performed consisted of hindcast of executed dredging and disposal operations, as well as scenario analysis for the future impact of certain operations.

Model bathymetry of the Western Scheldt model around Terneuzen


  • Client: DEME
  • Start date: 2018
  • Completion date: 2019