IMDC’s South Asia Tidal Flow Model (iSAM)

The iSAM model is a large-scale, 2D TELEMAC tidal flow model developed at IMDC. The model includes Eastern Indian Ocean, Western Pacific Ocean, as well as the Southeast Asian and Northern Australian waters in between. In addition to tidal forcing, the model can be also imposed with meteorological forces consisting of wind and air pressure fields for running in either operational forecast or hindcast mode.

The iSAM model is driven by tidal forcing and meteorological conditions. The open boundaries are driven by the harmonic constituents from a global tidal database. The model has been calibrated in detail against measured water level data at many locations. In addition to the tidal forcing, the waters in this region are strongly influenced by monsoons which prevail south-westward from November to February (winter) whereas north-eastward from June to August (summer). In order to include effects of the different monsoon seasons, the model is also forced with meteorological forces consisting of wind and air pressure fields. The meteorological data is provided from GFS global wind solutions (NOAA), and can be run in either operational forecast or hindcast (historic scenarios) mode.

The iSAM model can be used to generate boundary conditions for more refined project specific models, which can be adjusted according to the clients requirements. The more refined models allow detailed assessment of local hydrodynamics, sediment transport and medium to long term morphological changes.


  • Client: Internal Project
  • Start date: November 2015
  • Completion date: June 2016