CFD Modelling of Propellor Wash as Tool to Design the TUAS Finger 2 Scour Protection

IMDC has been appointed by the DIAP DAELIM Joint Venture (DDJV) - Tuas Terminal Constructors as the Hydraulic Design Consultant to carry out the hydraulic design of the Contractor’s alternative scour protection for the Tuas Terminal Phase 1 (TTP1) project. One of the tools applied for the design basis is a 3D CFD model of detailed flow and pressure fields resulting from twin propellers and bow thrusters.

The study aims to support the basic calculation results of the analytical detailed design by use of CFD techniques. Attention is paid to determine the detailed flow field caused by the thrusters and the main propulsion system in front of the quay wall. In addition to analytical solutions and physical modelling, the added value of a CFD analysis lies in the possibility to set up a virtual laboratory. More cases and more complex geometries can be simulated compared to a physical model. The simulations can be performed at full scale, which removes limitations of the scaling operation in the physical model. Moreover, the full 3D fields of pressure and flow velocity are available at each point, which cannot be achieved in a laboratory environment. In this way, additional issues at unexpected locations may be identified.

Geometry of vessel in ANSYS model
Velocity near bed - symmetric case with rudder at zero degrees
Pressure field at the quay wall for the vessel at a given position due to active bow thrusters
Velocity field and streamlines behind propellers and rudders for a vessel at a given position with rudder at 0°  


  • Client: DIAP-DAELIM JV
  • Start date: 2015
  • Completion date: 2016