Reefy Numerical Modelling

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IMDC are excited to announce their collaboration with Reefy in the further development of the Reefy Nature Based Solution. Reefy has great potential to create a positive impact in water infrastructure, creating living breakwaters onshore and islands of biodiversity offshore. Therefore, IMDC will support Reefy with in-kind expertise and a numerical CFD model of the Reef Enhancement Breakwater (REB). This will accelerate their development towards large scale applications. 

Reefy has designed a new way to build artificial reefs with a patent pending solution. The Reefy product consists of “lego-like” blocks that can be assembled to form an underwater artificial reef structure. This structure has sufficient complexity to host a flourishing reef ecosystem and stability against unfavourable storms and sea conditions. The structure can be used for coastal protection, nature enhancement, sediment reuse and scour protection applications. The Reefy solution promotes a multipurpose design that brings many economic benefits to nearby communities and businesses. 

IMDC provide smart solutions to mitigate coastal erosion risks, to reduce the vulnerability, and ultimately to accomplish a truly sustainable management of natural water resources for the benefit of people, the environment and society. Innovation is at the heart of IMDC with Nature Based Solutions providing a key part of the solutions offered to clients. For over 35 years, IMDC has thrived by facing challenges head-on and overcoming them by combining knowledge and expertise with smart solutions and state-of-the-art technology.