IMDC goes offshore and digs deep

  • offshore
  • survey campaign

Our colleagues Christophe Noël and Kris Van Troos were present as client representatives during the execution of an offshore geotechnical survey of a rocky bottom for the future offshore windfarm development in France. Our tasks included the review of technical and HSSE documentation prior to the start of the geotechnical survey and a close follow-up of the geotechnical survey itself by being present on the vessel. IMDC will now perform a review of all provided technical reports (Field reports and Factual data reports) delivered by the geotechnical survey Contractor. During the offshore geotechnical survey campaign rock and soil samples were taken, these are now being tested in onshore laboratories. IMDC also follows up this onshore laboratory testing program. Finally, based on both the in-situ survey and laboratory test results, IMDC will translate this data into an analysis report presenting the soil layering and characteristic soil parameters.