Framework contract for services in support of the complex project Coastal Vision

  • flood risk
  • climate change
  • general

The sea and the coast belong to everyone, which is why they deserve the expertise and experience of an exceptional team. A team that also has a track record of supervising top (infrastructure) projects at home and abroad. As IMDC we are very proud to lead this consortium that has received the confidence of the Flemish government to successfully complete this non-obvious task. The consortium consists of the following partners/experts: ORG and Arcadis in collaboration with Common Ground, An Luyten, Connect, Econopolis, LDR, BAAC and Tractebel.

It is a great responsibility to work together with the experts from the Department of Mobility and Public Works and the Agency for Maritime Services and Coast on a sustainable future for our Flemish coast. Sea levels continue to rise due to climate change. This means that our current coastal protection will no longer be sufficient in the future and we will have to look for solutions now. 

As consortium leader IMDC is, together with ORG, responsible for steering the consortium and supervising the various sub-studies. In addition, IMDC ensures the design of a safe coast, for which the necessary numerical modelling of eco-hydro-morphology is performed. We accept that challenge with both hands and are more ready than ever. 

For more information, contact Annelies Bolle or Bart Verheyen.