Mitigating of sedimentation and erosion in Blankenberge/Wenduine

Study and design of mitigating measures for the sedimentation in the harbour entrance of Blankenberge and the erosion of the beach in Wenduine

IMDC undertook for the Division Coast of the Flemish government a feasibility study of the different alternatives for mitigating the sedimentation in the harbour entrance channel of Blankenberge and the erosion of the beach of Wenduine. 11 different scenarios were simulated using numerical models for wave penetration, hydrodynamics and sediment transport. The scenario’s were then evaluated based on effectiveness in reducing sedimentation/erosion, nautical access, swimmer safety, cost effectiveness (return on investiment), and environmental and landscape effects. The selected alternatives will be further investigated and detailed in the next stages of the conceptual design, EIA and the detailed design. 

Supplied services : 

  • Setup and production of a numerical model for sediment transport and coastline evolution (Wenduine zone, Blankenberge zone and interaction between both zones).
  • Setup and production of hydrodynamic modelling: calculation of current velocities and evaluation of recreational and nautical access (zone Wenduine and zone Blankenberge)
  • Execution of wave propagation and penetration model 
  • Feasibility study, cost-benefit analysis and determination of desired alternative including beach nourishment, maintenance dredging, groynes and breakwaters


  • Client: Division Coast of the Flemish government 
  • Start: 2017
  • Completion: 2017