IMDC is an international engineering and consultancy company in the field of natural waters: precipitation, groundwater, rivers, estuaries, coastal areas, ports and marine waters. It employs over 80 specialists and is based in Antwerp, Belgium.

- Knowledge and Innovation come first

For already 40 years now, IMDC has been systematically expanding its knowledge through research and project studies, which are executed in close collaboration with our clients as well as with universities and research institutions at home and abroad. All contracts and projects, whether financed publicly, privately or from research budgets, contribute to the consolidation of our data and knowledge base. 

While knowledge is the produce of the past, innovation looks at the future. 

As Einstein has put it: “knowledge is limited, imagination is more important”. At IMDC we foster our creative spirit and out-of-the-box thinking. We unite our knowledge and our imagination with promising trends and forefront of technology to pursue innovative solutions for complex societal challenges. 

- Driven by social responsibility

Seas, estuaries and rivers are vital to society. In addition to their ecological function, they play a crucial role in fresh water supply, transport and the generation of blue energy. Therefore they are key for the prosperity of the densely populated areas along their borders and coastlines. At the same time these areas are increasingly vulnerable to water-related hazards, due to climate change, sea level rise, extreme weather events, population growth and flood or drought risk. 

At IMDC, we feel determined to come up with smart solutions to mitigate these risks, to reduce the vulnerability, and ultimately to accomplish a truly sustainable management of our natural water resources for the benefit of people, the environment and society. 

- Expertise in water is our core business

Our leading technical know-how is used to provide our clients with state-of-the-art solutions, enabling them to develop reliable and future-proof projects to empower people's partnership with natural waters. 

The IMDC team consists of highly qualified experts in flood risk assessment, hydraulic modelling, coastal safety, sedimentation and erosion risk, dredge engineering, blue energy, river training works, inland navigation, port infrastructure, offshore installations, water basin management, groundwater flow, cost-benefit analysis, advanced statistics and data analytics. 

Our first concern is the quality of our expertise and advice. In every project we take the interest of our clients, investors, public authorities and end-users to heart. IMDC guarantees the quality of its work through well-defined procedures set out in its ISO-9001 certified quality control system.

Since I have been appointed as General Manager two years ago, I’ve had the pleasure to dive and discover IMDC from the inside, which is a formidable company in many respects and whose merits and successes have been praised throughout its history, which began in 1982. All this would not have been possible without the professionalism of our colleagues, but also without the trust that you, dear clients and partners, have placed in us throughout our journey, which in a way is also a piece of your story. The evolution that IMDC has experienced is the result of a culture that combines entrepreneurship and the search for technological and scientific excellence in the service of our clients and their challenges, all in a family and caring spirit. The continuous search for innovative, yet pragmatic solutions in our sector is still part of IMDC's values. They are one of the pillars of the legacy that our founders and predecessors have left us. We thank them for this and will continue to carry these values forward for decades to come. 
I said earlier, IMDC, a great company? 
- Because it is made up of great experts, 
- The prevailing mindset is dominated by team spirit, solidarity and the desire to achieve joint success, 
- Because despite its growth, IMDC remains a human-sized company, focused on the well-being of its employees, 
- Because it is a service company and the trust and durability of the relationships with our clients are our greatest satisfaction. 
- Because it is a company with ambitions and projects resolutely turned towards the future, and a company that embraces all its collaborators on this journey. 

What about the future? 
We have an organic growth of about 15% this year. In order to meet the needs of the market and the expectations of our customers, we intend to maintain this new course. We are continuing our journey towards digitalisation, where we already have some successes and other projects that are promising. Of course, we want to be even more involved on a national and global level in relation to climate resilience, supporting energy transition and solving environmental issues. We believe in renewable energies, in the energy transition and are convinced that the energy of the seas, oceans and rivers is still insufficiently exploited. We will therefore support the development of tides and wave energy until their large-scale deployment across the globe. It is the spirit of entrepreneurship that our founders passed on or bequeathed to us all, these are the values of IMDC. 

Patrick Bruggemans | General Manager