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Consultancy for the study of the protection of Jacmel (Haiti) against flooding


Consultancy for the study of the protection of The Haitian town of Jacmel is situated on the east bank of the river called ‘’Grande Rivière de Jacmel’’, on the south coast of Haiti, and has considerable touristic potential. As a consequence of the large scale deforestation, there is a serious degradation of the river basin, resulting in a massive river transport of sediments and solids, and a rise of the high water levels. The whole town of Jacmel is prone to flooding during every rain season, and the river bank erosion is constantly threatening the public infrastructure.

The project aims at reducing the vulnerability of Jacmel by means of a series of protection measures, as a partial deviation of the river, a thorough dredging of the downstream river sections and of the estuary, and the protection of the most exposed slopes.

The “Rivière des Orangers” tributary” flows directly through the town centre and causes frequent flooding and severe damage to housing and infrastructure. Therefore one of the options to consider, is the deviation of part of the discharge of this river to the sea, through the Orangers plain east of Jacmel.

The final study is divided into three major parts and five phases:

  • Protection of Jacmel against flooding of the “Rivière de Orangers”;
  • Protection of the bridge infrastructure (piles, abutment) on the « Grande rivière de Jacmel »;
  • Erosion protection of river slopes and infrastructure.

The different phases are:

  1. Hydraulic modelling and evaluation of the efficiency of the proposed scenarios;
  2. Detailed pre-design of the deviation of the “Rivière des Orangers”;
  3.  Evaluation of the direct and indirect environmental impact of the different solutions, and design of the measures to prevent, mitigate or compensate the works;
  4. Analysis of a public (communal) participation in the execution and maintenance works;
  5. Development of a maintenance scheme.

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