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The WIA (Water Impact Assessment) is operational since November 24th 2003, this is the date the Decree for Integrated Water Management was approved. Article 8 defines the basic principles for the application of a Water Impact Assessment).

Each new initiative requiring a permit (construction permit, environmental permit, any other permit) and each territorial plan or program must be subjected to a Water Impact Assessment before approval. The Water Assessment allows the formulation of constraints and definition of measures to protect the water system and mitigate effects.

In collaboration with its sister company, Resource Analysis, IMDC elaborated the guidelines in order to assist the granting authorities in its impact assessment and formulation of advice. It concerns a decision tree to perform the Water Impact Assessment in an univocal way, and to prevent arbitrariness.

Besides calculation methods have been proposed to determine the impact of Works and to dimension mitigating measures.

The study is the basis for the Implementing Order. On July 20th 2006 the Flemish Government approved the Implementing Order. The Order was put into effect on the 1st of November 2006, and contains rules for the application of the Water Impact Assessment.

It defines what instances are responsible as advising authority and how the advising procedures must be done.

Using the internet tool (designed and constructed by sister company Resource Analysis) the decision trees can be consulted to preliminary assess the viability of an application and to identify the advising authorities.

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