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Sea Water Recirculation Survey in Murgados


1     The assignment

In 2005 Tractebel Gas Engineering GmbH was constructing a liquefied natural gas plant in Mugardos (A Coruña) for Reganosa.
The regasification process had been found workable by using seawater in heat interchangers. This water was going to be discharged to the bay with a thermal jump of     –6°C.
IMDC was asked to carry out field measurements for understanding the physics of the bay and to evaluate the risk of recirculation in between the intake and outlet of the heat interchangers of the new liquefied natural gas plant in Mugardos.

2     The measurement campaign

On December 22nd of 2005 a through tide measurement campaign was conducted at the intake and the outfall of the heat interchanger.
The measurements provided information on the flow pattern, salinity and temperature in the bay and allowed IMDC to evaluate the risk of recirculation of cool discharge water.

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