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Scheme to restore the Durme


The Durme is a tidal river in the Scheldt estuary. Silting-up due to a lack of upkeep is the underlying reason for a reduced hydraulic section. The maximum outflow of water has dropped so much that the polders and the alluvial plain can no longer flow towards the river, and the pumping stations must provide the flow. In addition, the section of the Durme itself has reduced so much that it is no longer sufficient to assimilate the pumped outflows.

W&Z, manager of the Flanders waterways, has ordered a study for the restoration of the river. It concerns the restoration of the gravity flow with an equal vision for the nature of the estuary.
The restoration scheme seeks a solution for restoring the gravity flow by widening the section, with an equal vision for the nature of the estuary. The dredged sediments are used to reinforce and renovate the estuary’s protective dykes under the Sigma Plan to protect the Sigma estuary against risks of flooding.
The project comprises a feasibility study, the drafting of a layout diagram, the project and specifications for the works.

The project includes discussions with the parties concerned, regulatory and legal support, an analysis of the effects using hydrodynamic models and models of the groundwater flow.

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