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Qatar Pearl of the Gulf Environmental Monitoring Project


IMDC was engaged by UDC (United Development Company, Qatar) to define, carry out and analyze the measurements needed in the framework of the Environmental Monitoring for the Pearl of the Gulf project in Qatar. The Pearl of the Gulf project is a land reclamation project consisting of several interconnected islands in the Persian Gulf off the coast near Doha.

IMDC had a triple task in the project:

  • Defining environmental requirements and criteria and outlining the necessary measurements at different attention levels;
  • Planning and local coordination of the measurement campaign for the baseline monitoring, prior to the start of construction;
  • Providing the necessary measuring instruments, training and support for local employees to conduct operational, tactical and strategical measurements after start up phase.

The environmental requirements and criteria that were to be defined had to be in line with the Environmental Clearance from the Supreme Council for the Environment and Natural Reserves.

Three different measurement levels were defined:

  • Strategic: Long-term, annual (e.g. Long-term salinity levels);
  • Tactical: Medium-term, monthly to quarterly (sedimentation levels, algae and sea grass coverage, water quality);
  • Operational: Short-term, daily or weekly (water levels, suspended sediment concentrations in overflow from reclamations, noise and lighting);

The tactical and operational monitoring were performed in an integrated monitoring program, with an integrated report, with the operational monitoring being performed on a daily basis and the tactical monitoring on a monthly basis.

In addition to these measurement series, a baseline measurement campaign was proposed and carried out by IMDC prior to the start of the works. The goal of the baseline studies is to provide the basic background values for the evaluation of the measurement results of the operational, tactical and strategical measurements. It aims at defining the acceptance criteria for the follow up of the environmental quality outside the area of activities.  The measurement campaign consisted of a series of tactical measurements, with in addition a series of noise measurements.

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