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Elaboration of a vision for the water basin management plans


In the frame of the Decree of Integrated Water policy (the Flemish translation of the European Water Framework Directive), for each of the river basins in Flanders, Water Basin Management Plans have been elaborated. These Plans inscribe the engagements of the water managers for the water management in the period of the next six years (2007-2013).

In the Water Basin Management Plans functions are assigned to the water bodies and flooding areas and banks are defined. Actions and measures regarding the management of the water system which have a territorial impact will be recorded in the “Territorial Management Plans” taking into account the conditions and restrictions of the Water Basin Management Plans.

The Water Impact Assessment instrument has to refer explicitly to the conditions and restrictions defined in the Water Basin Management Plans.

The Water Basin Management Plans are based on detailed analysis of the water system. IMDC was involved in different studies on which the final Water Basin Management Plans have been based:

  • IMDC was involved in different phases leading to the lay-out of the plans. IMDC was involved in the Environmental Analysis phase (description of the physical environment of the water system and demand analysis of different sectors claiming water resources). Claims on the water resources of different sectors have been identified for the Basin of the Ijzer River.
  • The Environmental Analysis on its turn provides input for an analysis of bottle necks. A spatial analysis brings sectorial claims in view and shows conflicts and opportunities for the water system.
  • Taking into account the bottle necks and characteristics of the water system, a long term policy vision is formulated. The vision is translated into targets, to which operational objectives have been coupled. These have been turned into concrete actions and measures. IMDC has elaborated the vision, actions and measures for the Basin Plans of the Upper Scheldt and the canal system of Ghent.

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