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Coal Fire Power Plant Wilhelmshaven.
Assistance Procurement.


GDF Suez Energy Deutschland decided to invest in a coal fire power plant with a high-yielding capacity of 800 MW. This plant will be built at Wilhelmshaven in northern Germany. The industrial commissioning is planned for 2012. Tractebel engineering, assisted by consulting firm Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG Stuttgart, is the supervisor.

Tractebel Engineering has asked IMDC to provide its expertise in hydraulic engineering and offshore work to coordinate and monitor engineering projects in terms of the gravity circuit of Fitchner & Co’s cooling system.

The cooling system requires a flow of 30m³ / s to ensure the smooth operation of the plant and to be in compliance with environmental constraints.
To ensure a response and a competition on the market, these works have been divided by the owner into 3 main lots. A first lot should ensure the production and delivery of DN3400 pipes in FRP for the transportation of cooling water. These pipes then have to be put to use by the contractors of the following lots. A second lot contains the onshore works. This should allow the pumping station to get connected with the sea by drilling four tunnels of 350m long each with a diameter of 4.8m. The third lot includes the work at sea which consists of dredging, the installation of pipes at sea for a total length of 3000m and the construction of 2 water intake towers as well as diffusers of discharged water.

The division of work into several lots makes the work accessible to a larger number of businesses but creates a risk to the interfaces between the different lots. These interfaces are not only technical but also logistical and contractual.

The coordination of the work includes monitoring and approval of documents produced by Fichtner. This is to verify that there are no inconsistencies in the documents issued, to monitor the planning and to manage the auctions of three lots in order to proactively preserve the interests of the project owner.

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