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Applying the methodology for low flow conditions to (1) the canal system surrounding the city of Ghent and (2) the canal system in the north east of Belgium (between the cities of Liège and Antwerp)


The target of this project was to determine the measures taken by the Administrators of the Flemish navigable waterways, to make efficiently use of the available quantities of water in the two canal systems shown on the figure below, and hence to solve or reduce problems of water shortage and drying out.

The water of these canals is used for the production of electricity (cooling water), navigation (sluices), industry, agricultural and environmental irrigation, and the production of drinking water.

The following tasks were carried out:

-    Detailed inventory of the water available in the canal systems under irregular circumstances (drought, low water, extermely low water, …).
-    Detailed inventory of the water needs of the different stakeholders.
-    Making stakeholders aware of possible water shortage during low flow conditions.
-    Identifying possible measures to solve or reduce water shortage problems.
-    Setting up a water balance model to evaluate the hydraulic impacts of these measures.
-    Setting up a cost benefit analysis model to evaluate the financial impact of these measures.

Study performed by IMDC in collaboration with Resource Analysis , 2006.

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