International Marine & Dredging Consultants (IMDC nv) is pleased to announce that Piet Haerens will replace Jos Smits as CEO. After 35 years of service, 21 of which were as CEO, Jos Smits asked the Board to reduce his involvement and to transfer the responsibility of managing IMDC to a successor.

Jos Smits has recently stepped back from the role of CEO at IMDC.

The Board of Directors has appointed Piet Haerens as the new CEO, supported by a new management team within a new organizational structure.

Piet will be responsible for driving IMDC to the next level, building on the solid foundation achieved by the IMDC team under Jos Smits’ leadership. Over the past 20 years IMDC grew from a small team of 10 dredging experts to a mature consulting company of almost 100 engineering and scientific experts who provide ever increasing and innovative "expertise in water" to national and international clients.

IMDC is proud to participate in numerous innovative research projects for inland, coastal and offshore challenges, in close collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes throughout Europe.

Jos Smits : "Along with over 20 years of operational experience, Piet brings a great mix of leadership, inspiration, technical breadth and passion for customer care. He moves to his new position from his previous function of Commercial Head of Department for the offshore, dredging and environmental projects."

Piet Haerens : "I am honoured and excited to have been appointed to lead this wonderful company. IMDC has been created to boost the scientific approach for water related projects, and developed into a capable and innovative consulting company thanks to the unique blend of competitive spirits and adventurous minds of our team. I am determined to shape IMDC’s future with them, with the Board of Directors and the shareholders, and I am passionately committed to placing our clients at the absolute centre of it.

Filling the shoes of my mentor Jos Smits will be no easy feat. His support, and that of my colleagues, has helped me reach this landmark in my career. I thank them and will work my hardest to reward their faith in me."

Davy Depreiter has been appointed as Chief Operational Officer. He will take responsibility over the organizational and operational activities within the company. Davy has 15 years of experience in our sector. The other members of the new management are:

  • CEO/General Manager:
  • Operational Manager:
  • Innovation Manager:
  • Business Development Manager:
  • Market Coordinator - Water Resources Management:
  • Market Coordinator - Ports, Marine & Dredging Works:
  • Market Coordinator - Coastal & Estuarine Management:
  • Market Coordinator - Blue Energy & Interconnectors:

Piet Haerens

Davy Depreiter

Mark Bollen

Marc Sas

Roeland Adams

Jon Kemp

Annelies Bolle

Piet Haerens (ad interim)

Jos Smits will continue to support IMDC and the new management team as Managing Director and Senior Advisor.

For more information, media may contact:

Piet Haerens, CEO

International Marine & Dredging Consultants nv

pih@imdc.be or phone +32(0)

Jos Smits,

Managing Director and Special Advisor to
the Management (former CEO)

jss@imdc.be or phone +32(0)475.35.76.36

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