IMDC is pleased to announce the publication of the PIANC report no. 172 on the design of small to mid-scale marine LNG terminals including bunkering for which contributed via dr. ir. Luciana das Neves.

This Working Group document provides design guidelines for small to mid-scale LNG fixed terminals including LNG bunkering for designers and operators of marine LNG terminals and infrastructure worldwide. This guidance is given in order to provide a safe, efficient and cost-effective operation of these terminals.

This document should be considered as an additional document to existing standards, and thus covers only aspects of marine LNG terminal design specific for small to mid-scale terminals, namely terminal on standby (with no vessels alongside), LNG carriers offloading to storage or offloading point, LNG carriers loading from storage or loading point, and vessels bunkering LNG as fuel from storage or loading point.


The full report can be ordered through PIANC headquarters in Brussels.


Link to press release : here

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