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Support of the water policy of the territorial and environmental cell of W&Z


The European Frame Work directive for water management, was translated in Belgium’s Region of Flanders to the Flemish decree of water policy. This decree thoroughly reviews water management and policy in Flanders. Necessitating a complete review of practices for the water managers. W&Z (Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV), the agency ensuring the exploitation and management of all navigable waterways and their infrastructure within the Scheldt Basin therefore established the Cell Territorial and Environmental planning.

IMDC is assisting the Cell in its task definition during the startup phase.
The support covers all aspects of water management and policy:

  • The support of the W&Z personel in the policy workgroups for integrated watermanagement: aspects of Water Impact Assessment  (WIA); advice on a frame for compensating losses of agricultural production in controlled flood planes; …

Legal advice concerning policy related aspects of water management.

  • Draft of procedures for Water Impact Assessment (WIA) for concessions and construction permits, for project from third parties as well as own projects, programmes and plans. The WIA is a policy instrument to evaluate the effect of any new construction on the water system, allowing the authorities to impose constraints and to propose measures to reduce the effects.
  • Screening of all water basin management schemes in the phase of public concertation and formulating recommendations tot W&Z.
  • The elaboration of a frame to advise licences for discharges (definition of norms and identification best available techniques, …)
  • The design of a webbased ICT-tool to facilitate collaboration between the memebers of the Cell based in different locations.

Thanks to the vast experience covering the whole Flemish Region, IMDC, together with its sister company Resource Analysis and mother company Technum-Tractebel Engineering is one of the few consultants able to provide such services embracing all skills and territory.

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