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Port of Manappad – Master Plan Study


In the framework of the long-term development of the port, IMDC was engaged in association with TEE by IGL (Indian Gas Limited)  to make a Master Plan Study for the Port of Manappad.  This study is to be followed by a preliminary and basic design, the tendering process, contracting and construction.
Throughput, ship sizes and required capacities as well as long term growth of traffic and required capacity have to be designed in the Ma    ster Plan Study which has to result in a general layout plan, a work schedule and project phasing as well as in a port and terminal infrastructure layout plan.
Within a 3 to 4 year period up to 4 coal fired power plants as well as a steel factory will be built in the direct vicinity of the Manappad port location.  This is the major reason for building the off-shore port and terminals.  Eventually the port has to include an LNG and a multipurpose (container) terminal.


The pre-design concentrates on the following issues:


  • design of the breakwaters
  • the pre-design of the quay-walls for the different terminals, including the retaining walls
  • the pre-design of the access channel, and the dredging works, including the reclamation works
  • an overview of environmental and socio-economic considerations.

The Master Plan includes:


  • basic data collection : geotechnical survey, bathymetrical and topographical data, seismic data, hydro-meteorological data, materials availability, project development data, local regulations, etc.
  • traffic forecasting : major phase I commodities are coal and iron ore.  In the long term also LNG, crude oil and general cargo and containers will be coming in, and eventually some export may occur.
  • financial cost benefit analysis
  • port layout plan
  • work schedule & project phasing
  • port and terminal infrastructure layout plan
  • definition of further studies and investigations

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