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Damietta LNG Basin


Damietta is the main port in the Nile Delta used for all kinds of import and export activities in the country.  The port Authorities have decided to develop an additional GNL terminal to export liquid Natural gas from the country. The main contractor, Tractebel Gas Engineering asked IMDC with its parent company Technum N.V. to take care of all port- and marine facilities in this project that is meant to accommodate LNG tankers with a capacity in between 15,000 and 80,000 dwt.

The project consisted of the following tasks:

  • Analysis of the available data and advise on additional in situ measurements
  • Definition of the boundary conditions for the project (design ship, safety requirements…)
  • Preliminary design of different alternative layouts for the basin and jetty that are needed to accommodate the GNL Vessels
  • Selection of the size of the basin and the requirements for bank protection
  • Evaluation of different disposal alternatives for the soils to be excavated (approx 2 million m3)
  • Evaluation of different possible techniques for the bank protections (against wave and propeller attack)
  • Design of the disposal facilities for the dredged material
  • Design of the jetty layout including evaluation of the mooring forces on jetty and dolphins
  • Detailed design of the excavation and the jetty structure.

During the project IMDC took care of the conceptual design, the dredging requirements and the shore protection specifications while Technum was charged with the jetty design and other structural elements.

During the project the following elements have been produced:

  • Report on the design base for the infrastructure (loads, dimensions, environmental conditions…)
  • Preliminary design reports
  • Advise on the most appropriate design for the different elements
  • Detailed design reports for dredging, shore protection and jetty construction
  • Technical specifications for each contract
  • All tender drawings
  • Advise during the selection of a shortlist for tenders
  • Technical assistance during tender procedure
  • Technical evaluation of the incoming tenders
  • All the construction drawings
  • Technical assistance during contract negotiations


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