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Calamity abatement support in ris: setting up best practices

Within the framework of the IRIS EUROPE – Implementation of RIS – project a specific sub-work package is devoted to developing a Calamity Abatement Support (CAS) module in RIS (River Information System).

RIS incorporates many services. One of them is the Calamity Abatement Support (CAS) module, which should facilitate the data transfer between people involved in handling incident or accident along navigable waterways. CAS not only concerns the data flow, but it also determines which information has to be sent, based on a classification of the calamity. Structured logging of information is performed as well and aims at facilitating the data collection for the reconstruction of the calamity.

Different European countries (Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia) have contributed to set up best practices for this CAS module. IMDC organized and led the discussions on best practices, and prepared a proposal for best practices.

Literature has been reviewed with respect to different accident/incident classification systems. The best practices are related to:

  • Means for data transfer, e.g. NtS, Inland AIS, etc…;
  • standardized international exchange of data in case of relevant events;
  • calamity classification;
  • data needs and requirements from the calamity team’s point of view; and
  • logging of information.

The outcome of this analysis should be considered when setting up a CAS within the European context of waterway management.

A calamity classification system has been proposed selecting the best elements of existing classification systems. Important is that the present system has the CCNR system as basis too.

IMDC prepared the classification system which is agreed on by the IRIS-partners, and was accepted by the CCNR (Commission Centrale pour la Navigation du Rhin) as base for exchange of calamity related information

The Not_Emergency.xml standard has been agreed on by the IRIS Europe Task Force as the vehicle for the international RIS data exchange, including the necessary fields for classification of type and severity of the calamity, between RIS-centers and AIS base stations.

IMDC is subcontractor of Alsic in this project financed by Waterwegen & Zeekanaal NV and nv De Scheepvaart.

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