Since 2004 IMDC has provided a team of three staffmembers to deliver full time administrative, technical and scientificalassistance to the project management of the Seascheldt Department of Waterwegenen Zeekanaal NV, giving day to day support and advice in the construction ofthe largest flood area of the Sigmaplan, including design and execution of thedykes, intake and outfall structures and land development.

From 2006 until today the composition of the team has not changed. 

This flood area is now known as the'Polders of Kruibeke'. In application of the European Bird and Habitat Directive several habitat types are being developed; meadow bird area, mudflats and marshes, alder forest, and even realignment of the dykes to give morespace to the river.

The dykes and restored public roads, the unique recreational furniture and plenty of information panels, allow thevisitor to enjoy every part of this diverse nature area in the Scheldt Valley.

The three-headed team is still active at the office of Waterwegen en Zeekanaal nv, employing its experience for similar projects within the context of the Sigmaplan. 



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